Up there, amongst the heights of the Swiss Alps,
Up there, amongst the peaks, I am born

Into the pristine rocks, I work my way,
Through the minute cracks, I weave my way,
Over 8,000 years, a journey outside of time

Within the rocks, I am transformed
By sulfur, sodium and potassium,
Encounters that nourish me
As the time flows by,
These minerals enrich me

Mountain lake, source of the spring water

Deeper, still, I run,
Deeper, into the depths and the heat,
3,000 m underneath the earth

The time has come.
Quickly, I chart a new course.
Back to the surface, boiling underneath the stones.
In the valley, I see the light

I spring up, pure, and full of energy.
63 degrees, rich and simmering.

Water flushing thru bedrocks

Until… It’s 1831,
A fisherman on the Rhône, I reveal myself to him.
A gift from mother nature, to your deepest nature

Warmly welcomed at Les Bains de Lavey,
I find my new home.

With visitors from near, and visitors from far,
I share my warmth,
Splashing upon the skin, I soothe the many ills

Sun hitting the Thermal Centre of Lavey

And yet over the years,
I long for discoveries new.
So, in one more step, I transform myself anew.
Tshh! I burst into your lives.
In a bottle, infinitely reusable.

Within the bottle, a ritual.
Liberating the benefits of my minerals.
For the skin, and for the spirit.
Soothing, nourishing, caring,
A natural ritual.

Waves on the water surface